Bashir Gemayel: You Love Him, We Hate Him.

Monday, September 14, 2009 at 11:30pm

There is one ugly truth about Lebanon. What the ones love the others hate. Take Bashir Gemayel for instance. On September 14th, you will see huge Christian celebrations of remembrance and reckoning; masses, prayers, songs, speeches, mourning, tears, love. Is there a Lebanese Christian who does not like BG? Forget about the dissidents and the former left-wing Christians (where are they now by the way?). Of course, it is not always politically correct to say it out loud, especially in inter-sectarian “political” dialogue. Is there a Lebanese Christian who does not, secretly, intimately, covertly, publicly, openly, frankly, love BG; who is not even tempted to like him?
Bashir is a hero. Bashir is a saviour.

On September 14th, what do Lebanese Muslims feel? They might feel frustrated that the greatest Zionist agent of all times is still acclaimed by so many people. Muslims hate Bashir Gemayel. And why would they like him? He did not believe in Arabism (or Arabness, or whatever the Arabs like to say about their being Arab). He fought against their allies, he killed their men, he ridiculed their ideology. He made a pact with the devil. Is there a single reason a Muslim would consider liking BG?
Bashir is a vile, loathsome collaborator with Israel. That is the truth, and that is a fact. Bashir is a traitor, the ultimate traitor.

Truth is whether black or white. Truth is: Do you believe in God? Yes or no. Truth is: Do you love me? Yes or no. Shades of meaning are a rationalized, conscious, self-determined, pondered opinions expressed in pedantic and lengthy ways. Shades of meaning are what you want people to think that you think. But truth is black or white.

Christians love BG, Muslims hate BG. This is the ugly Lebanese truth. An imbroglio of politicized sectarian factions which hate each other cordially, subtly, and always with an outstanding sense of diplomacy.

In the meanwhile, keep suffering, cursing, walking away, complaining, praying, partying, arguing.
Keep eating, drinking and going out. Keep hating and loving the same masters. Keep voting for the same people. A government is always the reflection of its society and the Lebanese definitely deserve their tragedy.

Post Scriptum: It’s funny. Christians commemorate September 14th, Muslims commemorate September 16th-18th. If the Lebanese were asked to discuss historical events, they would resume declaring wars on each other.

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2 Responses to Bashir Gemayel: You Love Him, We Hate Him.

  1. Free Lebanon says:

    What a sad day and rememberance day is the 14th September for all Lebanese people who believed in democracy in Lebanon, every true Lebanese person who believed in the true fredom for Lebanon, should read about Bashir Gemayel and what his believe was for his country.

    His aim was to give the fredom and to protect every Lebanese human being, forget the religion side of life, he was promising to bring back Lebanon to the world map of fredom of speech, and to work together, to live together from every faith and believe.

    However; They were too frieghtened of the liberation, freedom of speech and of free live in the Lebanon, they did not want free Lebanon.

    If you belive in God; may God forgive every person who agreed, believed, worked and planed to assesinate the late President of Lebanon Mr Bashir Gemayel

    lets not forget they also killed many people after President Bashir Gemayel; all those who believed in the new Lebaono, you can not count their names.

    Lebanon had the once lifetime chance to freedom, the Lebanese lost it.
    it may come in the next one thousand (1000) years.

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