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Lebanon’s Inter-Religious Academy: A Critical Assessment.

The Inter-Religious Academy (also named the Academy of Inter-Religious Dialogue), another goodwill-seeking attempt to alleviate the inter-ethnic antagonism in Lebanon which deserves all our encouragement and support, closed its doors yesterday. Unfortunately, no website has been created yet, only a … Continue reading

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Modernity Is My Ex-Girlfriend.

I received a message of support from a reader today which made me smile. Of course, every writer feels flattered when his efforts are appreciated by the audience. But there was another reason. This reader pointed out a crucial aspect … Continue reading

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Paul the Octopus On the Next Lebanese-Israeli War.

Is this funny? For sure, it won’t be a funny game.

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Jews For Lebanon, Please!

An article in Blomberg News says that Beirut’s synagogue, Magen Avraham, will reopen in 2011 after being closed for 35 years. The synagogue, inaugurated in 1926, is beautiful indeed. I have read in very reliable sources that it is still … Continue reading

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Christianity & The Logic of Power.

In 1887, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) published a polemical work entitled On the Genealogy of Morality in which he contends, among other things, that Christianity contributed to legitimize what he calls the “slave morality”. According to him, Christianity was the religion of … Continue reading

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Lebanon Is Not A Failed State.

The issue of the state in Lebanon has constantly been a big issue since 1920–ossa kbireh as we would say in Lebanese Arabic. The dream of the “powerful state” (ad-dawla al-qawiyya al-qâdira) lies in the heart of every Lebanese. Yet … Continue reading

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Jagal el USEK: A Success Story.

Michelle Keserwany’s Jagal el USEK is more than a song; it is a social satire. In Lebanese Arabic, the word “Jagal” (the etymology of which is extremely enigmatic) can be translated as “lady killer” given to pretentious display, a conceited … Continue reading

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