Martyrdom Wisdom II.

I remember very clearly watching one of Hizbullah’s highest-ranking officials proudly proclaiming on TV during the July war (12 July-14 August 2006): “3000 victims in one month are nothing to us. We can compensate them in one night.” His name is Nabîl Qâwûq, sheikh Nabîl Qâwûq, the security chief of God’s Party in southern Lebanon. He had just been told, minutes earlier, that the total number of Lebanese victims (killed and injured) was estimated to 3000.

I now wish I had written down the exact reference of the statement. I am sure it can be easily found in the archives of the Arab press.

Martyrdom Wisdom #2: Make love and war.

P.S.: I am waiting to receive my review copy of Thanassis Cambanis‘s new book, A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah’s Legions and Their Endless War Against Israel, New York, Free Press, 336 pp.

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