Erections In All Directions.

#7 Thing I like About Beirut: It’s a city full of surprises! Every time I come back to Beirut, I am surprised to see new buildings… disappearing, here and there, and newer buildings being erected to replace them. I am talking about the inexorable extinction of Beirut’s heritage. Old mansions and houses, jewels of French, Ottoman, and Lebanese architecture… ceasing to exist. Gigantic buildings erected everywhere. More and more.

This is why I am running on Sunday, November 7th, 2010–an sub-event of Beirut Marathon; running to save Beirut’s heritage. If you can be there as well, it will be much appreciated. So perhaps will I see you there at 9 am (until 2 pm, if you can make it until that late), Adnan al-Hakim street (behind Hotel Monroe).

This is a run for the other Lebanese cities, towns, and villages as well. Remember the architectural genocide which struck Jounieh and the coastal towns of Matn-Keserwan a few years ago.

No big speeches this time. Just one small wish: run for Beirut.

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