Kissinger’s Reply to Eddé: A Beautiful Hoax.

After the speech of sayyed Hassan Nasrallah last Thursday (November 11, 2010) and his quoting of a fake letter addressed by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (1973-77) to the late ‘Amîd of the National Bloc Raymond Eddé in June 1976, the Lebanese press, the current ‘Amîd Carlos Eddé, as well as the US embassy in Lebanon, were quick to deny its authenticity. Lebanese journalist Salim Nassar confessed having written the alleged letter, giving credit to Hizbullah’s secretary general as to the truth of its content, despite its “formal fakeness.”

Salim Nassar

The next day, I wrote a 2-page article in Arabic to be published in An-Nahar, describing the circumstances behind that fake reply, but I eventually refrained from doing so, considering that the confirmations of Carlos Eddé and the US embassy would come in due time, which would avoid me getting into trouble. I might publish this text herein in the coming days.

Below are three articles in An-Nahar, As-Safir, and Al-Akhbar on the matter:

1- The American embassy denies Kissinger’s letter (An-Nahar, Sunday, November 14, 2010; also see the Nov 12 dispatch on NowLebanon, and the subsequent Nov 13 article);

2- Salim Nassar: I wrote the letter basing myself on witnesses of his 1973 visit to Lebanon (As-Safîr, Saturday, November 13, 2010);

3- Salim Nassar: The letter’s content is true despite its fakeness (Al-Akhbar, Saturday, November 13, 2010);

4- Salim Nassar to As-Safir: I Wrote Kissinger’s Letter Based on Direct Sources (Uprooted Palestinians, Saturday, November 13, 2010)

Fake letters can be weapons of mass manipulation, as you can see, and Master Manipulators know it.Anyway, this is a divine sign that you should read my article, in which I address at length issues related to that letter, and to the so-called ‘Kissinger Plan’: “Zionising the Middle East: Rumours of the ‘Kissinger Plan’ in Lebanon, 1973-82.” I’ve been writing it since September and will present it at a conference in Freiburg, Germany, entitled “Conspiracy Theories in the Middle East and the United States,” on January 14, 2011.

The text is almost ready, I apologize however not being able to publish it here today, for copyright purposes.


Salim Nassar’s Kissinger Letter to Eddé, June 14, 1976 (full text in Arabic, .pdf).

Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, November 11, 2010 (Arabic, .pdf).

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