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US, Gulf & Israeli Perspectives of the Iranian Threat.

When in need to be solaced for my late lack of inspiration, I like to compare myself to great authors whose suffering precluded their creativity and their sense of wording. I have been unable to phrase a single sentence for … Continue reading

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La brebis galeuse. (Une pensée pour les mamans actives de condition modeste.)

Je suis cette brebis galeuse qui fait partie des deux catégories: les femmes au foyer et les femmes actives. Ma vie se passe entre deux courses effrénées, deux allégeances: la familiale et la professionnelle. Et là je vous dis: pitié, … Continue reading

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Les aventures de Tintin à Beyrouth…

Update, February 16, 2011: Beyrouth 84, BD COMPLÈTE TÉLÉCHARGEABLE (la qualité de l’image n’est pas idéale mais c’est mieux que rien): C’est souvent le genre “d’humour à stéréotypes” (notamment avec les insultes), mais bon, le Tintin original est plein de … Continue reading

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Hizbullah & French-Iranian Diplomacy in the 1980s.

Herein an excellent French documentary film aired on France 2 in December 2010 on the Lebanon hostage crisis between 1985 and 1988, providing a precious account on the secret diplomatic negotiations between France and the Islamic Republic of Iran during … Continue reading

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On Minister Boutros Harb’s “Sectarian” Law Project.

As the “bloody” new year is kicked off with the ghosts of the sacrificed Coptic Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, here are we, again, lamely debating “sectarianism.” On Thursday, December 30, 2010, Lebanese Labor Minister Boutros Harb handed out a draft … Continue reading

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