Les aventures de Tintin à Beyrouth…

Tintin Beyrouth 84Update, February 16, 2011: Beyrouth 84, BD COMPLÈTE TÉLÉCHARGEABLE (la qualité de l’image n’est pas idéale mais c’est mieux que rien):

tintin a beyrouth 84 1

C’est souvent le genre “d’humour à stéréotypes” (notamment avec les insultes), mais bon, le Tintin original est plein de stéréotypes colonialistes aussi. Bonne lecture.

Et merci à Tom pour le scan illégal 😉

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7 Responses to Les aventures de Tintin à Beyrouth…

  1. Aucol says:

    I’ve never heard about that one. Looks quite perplexing.

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  3. Jenny says:

    From where can I buy this book? Les aventures de Tintin A Beyrouth, I want it. PLEASE

    • a.s. says:

      Well, did my best to put it online for you for free, thanks to a friend. I want it too, so if you find it, tell me where.

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks and when you find it , tell me too 🙂 It’s out of series. So I think it’s very hard to find. I’m lebanese and lived the war but now I live in Armenia. So it means a lot to me even if I had bad memories and plus my daughter loves soooo much Tintin.

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