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When the Sayyed Speaks…

The Sayyed spoke yesterday. Wednesday, February 16, 2011. I was at home, in my room, busy doing other things. I did not listen to his speech, but my parents were in the living room with the TV on, and I … Continue reading

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When it rains… How I feel.

Away from politics and the filthiness of adult interests… They tell us daydreaming is a waste of time. But I daydreamt half of my life and I turned out OK. There is something special about the rain in Lebanon. Or … Continue reading

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The Maronite Cross.

[“Culture générale“ on the menu today ;)] It is a fact that 90% of the Maronites happen not to know what a Maronite cross looks like. I went to quite a few Christian stores everywhere on the Lebanese soil (including Harissa) … Continue reading

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Two dirty words on Egypt.

[I am moody today.] Friday February 11, 2011. Mubarak resigns. Second Arab despot so far who won’t be regretted (regardless of whether Islamist democracy is better than military dictatorship). The best part about that are some Lebanese who were overexcited … Continue reading

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The Sunnis in Lebanon Today.

It is said the death of Rafiq Hariri in 2005 “lebanonized” the Sunnis in Lebanon. It is said they felt orphaned and leaderless after his assassination. It is said the Sunnis, for the first time in Lebanese history, began to … Continue reading

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On Moderation & Reform in the Middle East.

As it stands, the Middle East is struggling between three paradigms: (1) Militant anti-Zionist Islamism, headed by Iran. Mass ideology + war incentives are the everyday bread. (2) “Silent” Islamism bejeweled with some sort of “local-plus-Western” liberalism in the fields … Continue reading

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Review of the Film “Stray Bullet” (Rsasa Taysheh).

I went to see Stray Bullet (Lebanese title: Rsasa Taysheh رصاصة طايشة) last Sunday. I usually have a positive prejudice about any Lebanese film I decide to watch (a shrink told me that it’s a sign of patriotism (just an example … Continue reading

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