Two dirty words on Egypt.

[I am moody today.]

Friday February 11, 2011. Mubarak resigns. Second Arab despot so far who won’t be regretted (regardless of whether Islamist democracy is better than military dictatorship).

The best part about that are some Lebanese who were overexcited about the whole event: I mean the lovers of Walid Junblat (dynasty since 1949), lovers of Nabih Berri (autocracy since 1981), lovers of Suleiman Frangieh (dynasty since 195?), lovers of Talal Arslan (dynasty since 19??), lovers Omar Karameh (dynasty since 196?), and most importantly lovers of Bashar Asad (ongoing tyranny since 1970).

Lebanese cattle revolted against injustice and tyranny in Egypt, galvanized by the demise of Mubarak (and that’s a good thing). They have something in common: their love for a local/sectarian autocrat and for a tyrannical regime in Syria at the same time. That’s the best part.

They all proclaimed “Shukran li Surya al-Asad” (“Thank you Asad”) on March 8, 2005. Save Junblat who only did that throughout 1977-2004.

Question to the concerned population: Do you draw any analogy between Syria and Egypt?

Thank you very much.

Who’s Next?

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2 Responses to Two dirty words on Egypt.

  1. Bodo says:

    Nice entry. I think the same, whenever I see the “Sayyed”, as you call him, congratulating the people in Egypt… A bit schizo, I’d say.

    • a.s. says:

      It seems quite sure that the so-called “tyranny” of this or that “tyrant” is less the problem than his strategic choices and attitudes towards the US and Israel. However, the funny part is they blame him for being a tyrant (and not an imperialist for instance), whereas another tyrant is not called a tyrant because he is an indispensable ally.

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