When the Sayyed Speaks…

The Sayyed spoke yesterday. Wednesday, February 16, 2011. I was at home, in my room, busy doing other things. I did not listen to his speech, but my parents were in the living room with the TV on, and I heard the throaty tone of his voice, without really catching the words.

I believe I was not alone in this situation.

I believe many other Lebanese now do their own things, mind their own business, while the Sayyed is speaking.

Because most of the speaking today is vain.

Back in the days, when the Sayyed held a speech, we all held our breath. The whole people in the country would stop their activities, sit down on the couch in front on their television and listen to the Sayyed speaking. The next day, the talk of the town would be the Sayyed’s speech.

Today (and I would say since a whole year now), the Sayyed is boring.

Today, the Sayyed speaks in platitudes.

Today, the Sayyed is redundant. His words rapidly reach an impasse. His speech highly tautological.

Today, the Sayyed has lost his charisma.

Today, the Sayyed is banal. He’s lost his originality.

I call this the “discourse inflation“: when the same amount of words means less than before; when it takes more and more speeches to maintain the same value of meaning.

Years earlier, the Sayyed’s speeches were rare. They were long-awaited. Today, they’re ordinary.

That’s the sign of decline.

… But history is not a matter of days. How long will we have to wait in order to see, with our own eyes, the fall of Hizbullah?

Lebanon could not defeat Nasserism. It ended when Nasser died. And so will Lebanon never be able to defeat Khomeinism, until the regime itself collapses in Iran.


2015? 2020?

History is not a matter of days, but one day can change the whole history.


Take a look at my “Cute Pictures of Citizen Hassan Nasrallah” (published on October 8, 2010) 😉

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One Response to When the Sayyed Speaks…

  1. a.s. says:

    I received the following message from a female reader and friend, which deserves to be published:

    “Even if there is truth to what you’re saying, in terms of the difference between the anticipation we all had back in the day when he spoke and when he speaks now, I have to say though, the reason why we listen to him, or why I listen to him when he speaks is because I know there is ALWAYS truth in what he says and because with all the bullshit that every single one of the Lebanese politician says, sometimes you need a man like him to speak.. your ears need and want to hear sound analysis and sound judgment even if you might feel his speeches are boring, repetitive and that he is redundant. But someone needs to step up and counterbalance the level of stupidity and arrogance of the rest of the leaders and politicians. In a country where there is a person like Mohamed Salam (mas2oul “al tathqeef al siyasi” bel Musta2bal) bye7kina bel “mared el sunni”, a person like saad el hariri of such arrogance and nerves that he declared that the revolution of tunisia and egypt were inspired by “thawret el arez” (he is delusional!) and tab3an declares ever so lightly that Hezbullah wants to install Wilayat al Faqih in Lebanon, knowing that his followers and his allies’ supporters, who are already infused with sectarian hate, are of such gullible nature they would easily believe every word that comes out of his mouth without taking a second and thinking twice of what he’s saying. Please tell me how this person who claims that he want whats best for Lebanon did not mull it over in his small brain that loaded speeches like this will not only inflame the hate that these people already carry in their hearts but can eventually be an element of a civil war? he knows exactly what he’s saying and this is what he wants! the removal of Hezbullah by any means, even a civil war. And of course no need to mention sectarian oriented speeches of the rest of them, men bayneton el batrak ma3 e7tirameh, and and of course some of 8 march leaders who arent that much better than the rest of them. So yes, wa2ta el Sayyed bado ye7keh badeh esma3o, w badeh a3ref what he has to say even if I heard it all before, if anything because I need to keep my sanity intact. To know that there is a person like him in this country makes me feel that maybe there is hope ba3ed for us to keep our dignity. He is someone who makes me feel eno yih lek ba3ed fi wa7ad mano corrupted.

    This person lives underground, in darkness, a small price to pay in his eyes for serving his land, he offered his son for a cause and he doesn’t brag about it, nor does he act like a victim every chance he gets, he has to bare and endure all the crap and lies people throw his way and stay silent.. Do you really think he wanted to be in a political spotlight? do you think he enjoys it? No, but he does it because he has to. And I wish and hope that he removes himself from the dirty politics of our country because honestly he is above all this and he is much purer than them lot.

    This person deserves to be heard in respect even if one might think he’s getting boring.

    I’ve been feeling very angry, indignant, disgusted and oh so many other things, from what I’ve been hearing and seeing.. I cant understand why they don’t see what we see or feel what we feel when it comes to Israel and the obvious objectives of America? These are facts! its history!!! I don’t get it.. its as if they don’t belong to the same Lebanon we belong to..
    I’m sorry I dumped all this on you.. but khalas I needed to talk! so there..

    I hope you’ve been good and happy 🙂

    P.S.: http://www.al-akhbar.com/node/4313

    A must read article by Khaled Saghiyeh (قليلاً من الخجل, Al-Akhbar, Thursday, February 17, 2011), his response to Saad’s 14 march speech.. enjoy! I soooo did :D”

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