Elissa, Sarit Haddad, & the Next Lebanese-Israeli War.

After the “we-created-it-first” controversy opposing Lebanon to Israel over the Hummus, and the months-long Cold War manifesting in battles of “biggest Hummus dish in the World,” it has finally been confirmed that the Hummus is a Lebanese national dish, and that the Israelis “took it from us” (not their first usurpation!).

Of course Hummus is Lebanese. How can a national dish be pronounced wrong? It’s not “khumus,” for God’s sake: it’s hummus, with a real حـ and a good ص.


The latest Lebanese-Israeli controversy is opposing two acclaimed female singers, the Lebanese Elissa (38) and the Israeli Sarit Haddad (32).  Haddad’s latest song, Or Kokhav (Hebrew for “A Star’s Light”), released in February 2011, is apparently an usurpation of Elissa’s Aa Bali, Habibi (Arabic for “I Want To, Darling”), released in December 2009.

Take a look at the comments and the mutual cursing in Arabic, Hebrew and English. That’s the best part.

By the way, it’s not the first time that Elissa’s songs are taken over by Israeli artists. Consider this tune entitled Superman “by” DJ Offer Nissim feat. Maya (released in 2009). Yet another copyright infringement.

Ironically, “Maya” and “Haddad” could be Lebanese names. We’re definitely cousins, but we hate each other so much. Typically a land heritage issue gone bad.

Compare and enjoy.

Many thanks to Omar F. for the source 🙂


Also see: “Paul the Octopus On the Next Lebanese-Israeli War,” July 20, 2010.

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