Wishes for 2012.

Dear all,

I would like to wish you all a Happy and Promising New Year 2012! But before embracing the new year, be thankful for what you got in 2011. To me, 2011 was the year of new foundations. Months before, in October 2010, I had left Paris to re-settle in Beirut. I had no plans here. Well, except the thesis. But that’s it. No job, no money, few friends – but they were precious. 2011 gave me what I was lacking, and what I was missing. Lebanon, of course, parental affection, the most important. But all the rest as well. I gained new friends, new colleagues, a new status. I resumed old friendships, strengthened them, and, above all, love.

The best I can say is: I had foreseen it all; I knew 2011 would offer me what I had wished for. Now it’s time to start building!

Do not discard your past failures; take the good things in them and learn from them.

Upgrade your successes, expand your mind, grow beyond your obsolete understanding, desire new experiences, explore new ways of action, go after what you want in complete optimism and positivity, and remember that nothing can be achieved with tears and sorrow.

Set a scale of goals for yourself, for this year as well as the next ones; seek better terms for your own situation, stay firm when you reach a decision, desire to be strong, keep reinventing what motivates you.

In short, do not stay in exactly the same place as you have been. Always go farther, always be better.

Avanti! ————–> ∞

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One Response to Wishes for 2012.

  1. Fadi says:

    Could not agree more a.s. the great:)
    Happy New Year amigo.

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