“Hi! How Are You? Good?”

Feil Amr Hi Kifak Mnee7?I understand that some Lebanese citizens feel annoyed or alienated by the barbaric  trilingualism of the famous idiosyncrasy “Hi! kifak, ça va?”. Among those is a group of citizens who founded this organization called Feil Amer (فعل أمر, lit. “imperative verb”), the goal of which is to restore the somewhat-lost dignity of the Arabic language, and to safeguard its socio-cultural eminence and standing among the new generations.

More and more Lebanese increasingly fish for Arabic words when it comes to express their feelings, intentions, or simply their ordinary thoughts, thus resort to using French or English as substitute languages in day-to-day life. It seems as if Arabic were regressing and on the verge of being relegated in restricted intellectual or religious circles.

I will not write about this phenomenon any longer, but let us pay attention to the fact that: Kifak and Mni7… are hardly Arabic words.

Which might mean that the authors of this campaign themselves have fallen victim of the countless idiosyncrasies of the Lebanese language (or dialect, if you prefer).

Therefore I suggest to them the following text, if they want to be consistent in their claim:

“مرحبا. كيف حالك؟ بخير؟”

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