What Was Missing The Most In Lebanon In… 1961.

What is missing the most in Lebanon, more than water, more than roads, more than electricity, are people totally dedicated to the public welfare, trying together, at all levels, to solve the multiple problems of economic growth and human progress.

If a change of mentality does not occur in the young Lebanese elites, if a new breath coming from an intellectual and ethical revolution does not spread all over the country, the development will be fragile and Lebanon will not have filled neither its internal cohesion task, nor its supranational task of civilizing pole. The reason for Lebanon to exist and to last is essentially of human order. To rely on the successes due to an exceptional human quality will lose all its sense if this quality declines by the accentuation of a frantic individualism. It is the dimension of the collective national and of the collective universal that could save the soul of the Lebanese nation (…).

Change of mentality, of behavior, national solidarity renewed every day, persistent and tenacious effort will facilitate the implementation of the plan (…).

It can appear abnormal, in a report for development, to attach so much importance to  extra-economic factors and among these to the factor of human valorization (…).

Relying on others for effort that on can by himself accomplish, is one of these morbid behaviors.

Père Louis-Joseph Lebret, s.j. (1897-1966)

Besoins et possibilités de développement du Liban. Étude préliminaire, 2 vol., Beyrouth, Ministère du Plan, Mission IRFED-Liban, 1960-1961, vol. 2, pp. 476-77.  (translated from French)


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2 Responses to What Was Missing The Most In Lebanon In… 1961.

  1. Tarek says:

    Hello, I am trying to locate an article written by Henry Kissinger which was published in 1989 (or alternatively 1990) whereby he apologizes to the Lebanese. I am sure the article exists (one of my google searches one located a reference to it in the Boston Globe). Is there a possibility to find such an article?

    • a.s. says:

      Dear Tarek,
      I first thought this comment was related to two other posts I wrote on the “Kissinger Plan” conspiracy theory. Anyway, I have neither the press article you mention nor its reference. This said, it may indeed exist, as long as we know beforehand what Kissinger’s apology was about. If he apologized indeed, I would say he did so for allowing Syria to enter Lebanon and playing the “balancing game” between Asad and the state of Israel in 1976. Beside that, there is no authenticated source about the so-called “Kissinger Partition Plan” for Lebanon. If you find evidence, let me know. I very much doubt it. But try the archives of the New York Times, The Washington Post, or the Boston Globe if you are sure it’s there. Waiting to hear back, good luck!

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