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A Letter To Zoï

Zoï, my little darling, I write to you despite your eight years of age with a need so strong to speak to you from the bottom of my silence. Today, you only think of playing; you’re in bliss when you … Continue reading

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Taking A Swim on the Wild Side.

Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, leave, and let the sea be you. ~ Rumi I did not wait. ~ A.S. At times you long for the sea and long for its embrace. You decide to walk away on … Continue reading

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A Lebanese Senate? Who Will Pay For It?

According to the latest news, discussions should resume this week in order to reach consensus on a new electoral law. A “hybrid” electoral law (as the Lebanese jargon has it) submitted by Speaker Nabih Berri apparently stipulates the election of … Continue reading

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Thinking Lebanese Citizenship Beyond the Narrow Feminist Discourse.

Currently, Lebanese citizenship can only be acquired by birth or marriage. In the first case (birth), it follows the right of blood (jus sanguinis) according to the principle of nationality law by which citizenship is determined by having a Lebanese … Continue reading

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Recognizing the State of Israel in the Age of Nations: Some Considerations.

The “Palestinian-Only” buses in the West Bank are truly an appalling thing, however such a measure should not come as a surprise since it has been long and widely attested Israel is a state erected on the principle of apartheid … Continue reading

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W halla2 la weyn? The Intellectual Anemia of the Opponents of the Orthodox Law.

I am neither a proponent nor an opponent of the “Orthodox Law” (OL). I am simply asking for an adult discussion about this highly interesting phenomenon in the history of contemporary Lebanon. I am asking for an intelligent national debate … Continue reading

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An Unorthodox Proposal (or how to get it over with the usual self-labeled “secularist” blabla).

To all the self-righteous and hypocritical, holier-than-thou moralizers who say the “Orthodox Proposal” is sectarian, here are some points to reflect on. Does the Orthodox Proposal contradict the Lebanese Constitution? Some claim it contradicts Article 27 of the Constitution which … Continue reading

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