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Yes to Palestinian Implantation?

A post scriptum to my previous post, concerning the Palestinian implantation in Lebanon. I have discussed this issue at length with Palestinians of the diaspora; mainly American Palestinians and British Palestinians. One argument kept recurring. But first, here’s Kissinger’s account … Continue reading

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Salim Nassar is not to be trusted, neither in 1976 nor in 2010.

So we all know now that Henry Kissinger’s alleged reply to Raymond Eddé in June 1976 is a hoax. The US embassy in Lebanon denied it, Carlos Eddé denied it, and its real author, Lebanese journalist Salim Nassar, denied it … Continue reading

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Kissinger’s Reply to Eddé: A Beautiful Hoax.

After the speech of sayyed Hassan Nasrallah last Thursday (November 11, 2010) and his quoting of a fake letter addressed by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (1973-77) to the late ‘Amîd of the National Bloc Raymond Eddé in … Continue reading

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