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Recognizing the State of Israel in the Age of Nations: Some Considerations.

The “Palestinian-Only” buses in the West Bank are truly an appalling thing, however such a measure should not come as a surprise since it has been long and widely attested Israel is a state erected on the principle of apartheid … Continue reading

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Why Teaching Hebrew in Lebanese Schools Could Be Such A Good Idea.

The other day, a Facebook friend of mine posted a warning against a “pretty young girl” using several fake accounts under Lebanese and (Lebanese-)Armenian names/nicknames to add random Lebanese people on Facebook. The friend requests were naturally easily accepted given … Continue reading

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Elissa, Sarit Haddad, & the Next Lebanese-Israeli War.

After the “we-created-it-first” controversy opposing Lebanon to Israel over the Hummus, and the months-long Cold War manifesting in battles of “biggest Hummus dish in the World,” it has finally been confirmed that the Hummus is a Lebanese national dish, and … Continue reading

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US, Gulf & Israeli Perspectives of the Iranian Threat.

When in need to be solaced for my late lack of inspiration, I like to compare myself to great authors whose suffering precluded their creativity and their sense of wording. I have been unable to phrase a single sentence for … Continue reading

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The Treacherousness of the Traitor.

On collaborators and other traitors. aired on LBC on Thursday, December 9, 2010 I watched this passage of Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam en-Nass yesterday and it made me think. First of all, I would like to salute Marcel’s boldness in raising … Continue reading

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Paul the Octopus On the Next Lebanese-Israeli War.

Is this funny? For sure, it won’t be a funny game.

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