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The Sunnis in Lebanon Today.

It is said the death of Rafiq Hariri in 2005 “lebanonized” the Sunnis in Lebanon. It is said they felt orphaned and leaderless after his assassination. It is said the Sunnis, for the first time in Lebanese history, began to … Continue reading

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On Moderation & Reform in the Middle East.

As it stands, the Middle East is struggling between three paradigms: (1) Militant anti-Zionist Islamism, headed by Iran. Mass ideology + war incentives are the everyday bread. (2) “Silent” Islamism bejeweled with some sort of “local-plus-Western” liberalism in the fields … Continue reading

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On Minister Boutros Harb’s “Sectarian” Law Project.

As the “bloody” new year is kicked off with the ghosts of the sacrificed Coptic Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, here are we, again, lamely debating “sectarianism.” On Thursday, December 30, 2010, Lebanese Labor Minister Boutros Harb handed out a draft … Continue reading

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